Our Story


We might be new to you – yet we've been making immaculately upscale, flawlessly planned bedding products for more than 10 years. We have been playing underdog since years by supplying our products to most of the well known retailers throughout the North-America. In fact you might be already using most of our products these past years. Whereas with Beddyly we took a step forward to get into direct contact with our valued customers. We're glad that one of our brand  "Casa Platino"  has been an epitome of luxury and elegance when it comes to home essentials with it's incomparable quality. Think immortal style, not quick design, quality, not quantity, and a scrupulousness in all that we do, from hand-completed bed cloth to our best in class client assistance.

We trust in taking advantage of life's straightforward delights – it's the easily overlooked details that issue. Valuable snapshots of uncomplicated satisfaction are our steady motivation and, it is in view of these, that we make or collections worked to last and turn into a close piece of our regular daily existences.

We can't accentuate enough how much idea, attention and tender loving care goes into each thing we feature at Beddyly – We believe that you'll love